(Video) Leg locks do work – Teen heel hooks bully and teaches him a lesson

In the world of martial arts and particularly mixed martial arts, there’s a big discussion surrounding usability of Brazilian jiu jitsu in real life scenarios.

Promotion that once served as a promotional vehicle for BJJ, nowadays features mostly champions with background in wrestling and a good knowledge of how to counter most common BJJ traps.

When it comes to real life, BJJ is criticized because it might make you especially vulnerable to any situation with multiple attackers – but it still has its merits.

Recently a video resurfaced showing that despite the significant change of Meta in BJJ, the martial art still has quite a bit to offer when it comes to defending yourself against a bigger opponent.

A video depicts a teen in a bathroom and starts off with the bigger opponent tower over him.

The teen seems composed and it’s clear from the get go, he knows what he’s doing.

He starts in a leg entanglement from the get go. The bigger teen attempts to throw ground and pound, not having passed the guard and seems inept enough to expose his base.

The teen quickly uses this to his advantage and pulls the leg of his opponent managing to isolate it.

In BJJ, any submission requires a sufficient amount control on the limb in order to actually work.

This time, the teen had his heart set on a heel hook which is considered particularly vicious and isn’t even allowed in most BJJ competitions.

The initial attempt falls apart but he quickly recovers and snags the leg.

At which point he grounds his opponent, applying sufficient pressure on the limb to isolate it and goes for the finish.

It should be noted that heel hooks are doubly dangerous in real life scenarios because wearing footwear leaves your limbs more vulnerable because it’s instantly harder to evade.

Despite the fact the bigger teen accidentally cleared knee line and escaped the first heel hook attempt it would soon be clear that the bout is as good as done.

The devastating thing with heel hooks is that there’s very limited time to stop from the time you feel pain to the catastrophic damage that ensues.

Audible gasps could be heard – as well as a loud ‘Tap’ from his opponent indicating the two were in an orchestrated duel as opposed to spontaneous brawl.