(Video) LA clerk disarms robber and chases him away

According to surveillance footage from Amaya’s Mini Market in Westlake, Sayda Ventura was attacked and had the side of her body threatened with a sizeable blade several inches long.

A teenage minimarket employee is seen in dramatic video footage seizing it from the thief who threatened to shove it into her stomach.

She turned the tables and chased him out of the Los Angeles shop.

Ventura spoke to Fox 11. She said: “He said, ‘Be quiet .. I’m killing you if you say something.”

The video shows the employee screaming as she grabs with both hands and pulls it away from the stunned thief despite being terrified. The thief then ran for his life as she pursues him, mercilessly slashing at him. Ventura threatened him if he were ever to return.

In order to pay for her education to become a nursing assistant, Ventura had just recently begun working at the shop. She was observed gasping in shock and then crying while calling for help.

When asked whether she had been terrified, Ventura said, “Yeah — of course!”

Despite the video seeming to show her gripping the sharp edge rather than just the handle, she managed to escape with just minor hand injuries. According to local media reports, the LAPD is still searching for the thief.

The store owner Rena Amaya told KCAL that the would-be robber initially entered the establishment to make a purchase. He saw another customer send “a huge amount of money” through cash wire.

Amaya told: “Not later than five minutes he came back with a plastic bag” with the blade

Ventura told that she was “angry.” However, her boss Amaya stated: “She’s safe. That’s the most important thing.”