(Video) KSI stunned watching Misfits boxer get KO-ed out of the ring

In a thrilling main event clash at Misfits 12 in Leeds, Ed Matthews experienced an unexpected defeat at the hands of his mystery opponent, Luis Pineda. The surprise element intensified as Pineda’s identity was unveiled just moments before the action commenced, showcasing Matthews’ determination to take on an unknown challenger on short notice.

Pineda, who previously surprised fans during a Misfits card in January, following his bout with KSI, quickly gained momentum. Matthews, although considered the favorite, found himself floored by Pineda in the opening round. The Mexican boxer continued his dominance, eventually forcing Matthews out of the ring, where he was counted out by the referee, securing an impressive victory.

This surprising turn of events left the audience in awe as Pineda’s celebrations reverberated throughout the arena. Matthews, disappointed by the outcome, managed to regain his composure and head backstage after the unexpected loss. Notably, KSI, the CEO of Misfits Boxing and renowned YouTuber, congratulated Pineda following the ending, recognizing his triumphant performance.

In response to the astonishing victory, KSI expressed his excitement on Twitter, emphasizing Pineda’s knockout. The Misfits Boxing CEO hinted at his own future fight without disclosing any further details.

The Misfits 12 event showcased the unpredictability and excitement that encapsulates the world of professional boxing. While the defeat was undoubtedly disappointing for Matthews, Pineda’s exceptional performance and unexpected triumph added another memorable chapter to the Misfits legacy.