(Video) KSI roasted after sharing videos of himself ‘lifting’ at the gym

British rapper and boxer KSI shared footage of himself working out. Fans were not thrilled with the way he performed the squat and bench press lifts in the footage.

KSI has been working towards regaining his top physical condition in preparation for his bout against Dillon Danis on January 14. Naturally, that entails hundreds of hours spent perfecting his stamina and boxing skills.

KSI posted videos of himself bench pressing 120 kg and squatting 130 kg in two posts. Both times, his form was completely off. This led many people to believe that he was trolling the entire time.

Squats performed by KSI in the first video were critiqued as being half-reps. Others noted how the workout was made considerably riskier by the absence of clips holding the weights to the barbell.

Someone jokingly commented: “Bro posted a light quarter squat as a flex I can’t believe it”.

Bodybuilder Bradley Martyn added: “Nah you’re trolling.”

KSI is shown doing bench presses in a subsequent video. But instead of shifting the weight in a controlled and steady manner, he drops it on his own chest before receiving assistance from his spotter.

One commented: “this is a perfect example of trying to lift something you can’t lift”

UFC’s Derek Brunson was among the first professional athletes to weigh in telling KSI:

When KSI enters the ring on January 14, we surely hope that his boxing performance surpasses his gym performance. That is, assuming the bout between KSI and Danis actually takes place.

Danis recently claimed that KSI’s team attempted to insert a controversial “rehydration clause” in order to “handicap” him.

According to KSI’s team, the condition was there when Danis initially signed the contract but was subsequently taken out as to not give Danis ‘an excuse’ to pull out.

Danis previously claimed he could outbox KSI without training despite opening as a heavy underdog.