(Video) Knucklemania Presser becomes a Literal Measuring Contest

In an unexpected turn of events, a press conference between Terril and Lorenzo Hunt escalated into a heated and unprecedented measuring contest. The tension was palpable as the two opponents clashed in a war of words, with measurements and insults flying back and forth.

The drama unfolded when Hunt claimed to be 6 feet tall. However, Terril was skeptical of Hunt’s stated height, sparking a heated exchange between the two. “He now says he’s six foot, but I don’t even think he’s six foot,” Terril said, his doubts palpable.

In a bold move, Terril pulled out a tape measure, offering to settle the dispute once and for all. “If you want to measure something… you want to take off your shoes and take them lifts off your shoes,” he challenged Hunt, before making a provocative offer: “I’ll pay you about $5,000 if you’re really six foot.”

Hunt, taken aback by the sudden proposition, attempted to deflect the challenge, accusing Terril of being fixated on trivial matters. “What the f*** are you talking about?” he retorted, visibly ruffled.

Undeterred, Terril pressed on, his words dripping with sarcasm. “We can figure out who the heavyweight champ is… since you brought a ruler, we can figure out who the real champion is.” The jab was a clear reference to Hunt’s boxing credentials, and the crowd was left on the edge of their seats as the verbal sparring continued.

Ultimately an accidental injury decided the outcome.