(Video) Knuckle deep eye poke stops MMA main event

The highly anticipated XMMA 6: Bash at the Beach event was marred by a peculiar accident in the headliner bout between Francisco Rivera Jr. and Ricky Bandejas. The event ended in a no-contest after Bandejas accidentally poked Rivera’s eye, rendering him unable to continue.

Postponed Event

Initially planned to be held on April 7, the event was postponed due to illogical reasons. Many fans were disappointed, but XMMA eventually managed to handle the situation and held the event on May 3 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Headliner Bout

The event was headlined by a bantamweight bout between Francisco Rivera Jr. and Ricky Bandejas, both of whom were quite famous among locals, especially Rivera. The bout was an exciting stand-up battle where both athletes exchanged blows fiercely.

Accidental Eye-Poke

Eye pokes in MMA are a huge issue because they can result in serious injury and even permanent damage to the eye. The human eye is a delicate organ that is not designed to withstand the impact of a finger or thumb. When a combatant pokes their opponent in the eye, it can cause significant pain, blurred vision, and even bleeding.

Eye pokes can also have a significant impact on the outcome. In some cases, the guy who is poked in the eye may be unable to continue, resulting in a no-contest or a disqualification. Even if the guy is able to continue, their vision may be impaired, making it more difficult for them to perform at their best.

To address this issue, MMA organizations have implemented rules and regulations to prevent eye pokes from occurring. MMA stars are required to keep their hands closed and are not allowed to extend their fingers or thumbs towards their opponent’s face. Referees are also instructed to be vigilant and to intervene if they see any potential eye pokes.

Despite these measures, eye pokes still occur, often unintentionally. As a result, competitors must be careful and aware of their hand positioning at all times to avoid accidentally poking their opponent in the eye. Additionally, fans and commentators must also understand the seriousness of this issue and advocate for stricter rules and penalties to deter everyone from engaging in such behavior.

However, the match ended in a no-contest due to an accidental eye-poke by Bandejas. While throwing a right hand, Bandejas slipped out his thumb, which got embedded in Rivera’s eye as he was trying to duck. The slow-motion replay showed the severity of the injury, and the referee quickly determined that it was purely accidental and ended the event.

Disappointed Fans and Athletes

The unfortunate end of the match left many MMA fans disappointed, as they had long-awaited this bout. However, Rivera is probably the most upset of them all, having had three bouts canceled earlier this year.

He was supposed to face Chris Beal twice and Saidyokub Kakhramonov, but all of those got canceled. Finally, when he had the chance to compete, it ended in a no-contest due to an unfortunate accident.