(Video) Kingpyn boxing face offs culminate with two female boxers kissing

The world of boxing was in for a surprise when OnlyFans boxers Whitney Johns and Amber O’Donnell locked lips during their staredown before their highly anticipated boxing bout. The two were set to face off at Kingpyn Boxing’s High Stakes tournament semi-finals in Dublin on Saturday night. However, both women were in the women’s loser bracket after suffering defeats in the quarter-finals back in April.

As the ceremonial weigh-ins took place at the 3Arena in Dublin, both boxers donned risque outfits that caught the attention of the audience. It was during this intense face-to-face encounter that Amber O’Donnell decided to make a bold move. O’Donnell surprised her opponent, Whitney Johns, by planting a small kiss on her lips, leaving everyone stunned. Not stopping there, O’Donnell then grabbed Johns and shared a longer kiss, leading to laughter and excitement among the onlookers.

The unexpected exchange of affection raised eyebrows and sparked discussions among boxing enthusiasts. Some fans found it intriguing and appreciated the camaraderie between the boxers, while others were more focused on the upcoming match itself.

In the press conference, Whitney Johns expressed admiration for her opponent, O’Donnell. Despite her previous defeat, Johns spoke about how the experience motivated her to work harder and become a better boxer.

“It inspired me to work so much harder and this training camp was different, that first fight was such a learning experience. This time will be a completely different boxer. Our styles really compliment each other and I’m really excited because I actually adore Amber.

“It will be really fun, I’ve got to punch her in the face and beat that ass but I do love her. I’ve heard in some of her interviews that she wants to be more aggressive in this fight so I think we are both going to bring it. I like to keep the pressure going and keep coming forward, I think we are going to have a lot of fun in there.”

The unexpected kiss and the subsequent affectionate encounter have sparked curiosity among fans, who are now eagerly awaiting the match between these two attention seeking boxers.