(Video) Kid uses jiu-jitsu to defeat much bigger schoolyard assailant

A tussle between two middle schoolers recently went viral on social media thanks to some very good jiu jitsu.

For someone who is hoping to defend themselves in the real world, Jiu jitsu might be one of the most common recommendations. The so called gentle art can help you defend yourself without dealing unnecessary damage that might get you in trouble with the law later.

Many people believe that in a street situation you need to finish your opponent as fast as possible and bail immediately. This is to avoid getting jumped by onlookers or collaborators of the guy that is messing with you. However, if it’s a one-on-one brawl, Jiu jitsu is the go-to option.

Recently, a scuffle broke out between two middle schoolers. One of the kids is clearly trained in the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu. The two can be seen scrambling and it’s clear that the other kid nseemingly has no experience in martial arts.

One commenter online pointed out:

‘1. That awesome fake jab in the beginning to set up the takedown

2. Framing to nullify bad guy’s headlock

3. Controlled restraint. Dude could have continued wailing on him but for the most part, focused on controlling position.’

‘Gotta give him credit throwing a fake jab out behind the takedown attempt. Just enough for opening to latch on. Some pros fire naked takedowns, kid on point. Transitioned well on the ground flowing with kid on bottoms escape routes. Pretty solid work. Then put dude to sleep.’

At first, they stared each other down until one of them threw a punch, signaling the start of the brawl. The BJJ kid was clearly undersized yet managed to dominate the taller kid on the ground. He switched positions swiftly while throwing several punches that landed right on the face.

Finally, he successfully set up a rear-naked choke. The other kid surrounding them can only watch and shout. Right before the tall kid passed out, a teacher came and separated the two. The whole scramble was recorded by one of the kids surrounding them and the clip went viral on Twitter.