(Video) Khatuev landed one of the craziest knockouts of the year via spinning hook kick

A mixed martial artist pulled off a crazy WWF move in a recent contest. Surprisingly, he succeeded and knocked his opponent out cold.

Zelimkhan Khatuaev recently competed at a major event of the Russia-based MMA promotion ACA Young Eagle. He competed in the bantamweight division against Imran Baymuradov.

Despite featuring on an undercard, Khatuev managed to steal the attention of the audience with a vicious kick KO.

Their clash was pretty fierce throughout the first round. They kept the same pace in the second round, but Khatuev had a big surprise. While Baymuradov was pressing in with knees and kicks, Khatuev was simply backing off. Then, all of a sudden, he delivered a flying spinning hook kick.

This move is pretty rare in MMA. But, what Khatuev did was even more odd. After spinning his body, he jumped before spreading his right leg, making it a flying spinning hook kick. His heel connected right on Baymuradov’s jaw. After the impact, Baymuradov slowly fell to the canvas and the ref quickly halted the match, marking Khatuev’s victory.

The 23-year-old has been competing since 2018. With that win, Zelimkhan Khatuev extended his record to 4 wins and 1 loss, bouncing back from a loss against Islam Mulaev in 2019.

Meanwhile, Imran Baymuradov had to taste his first loss. Before facing Khatuev, he was undefeated with a total of 5 matches since his professional debut in 2019. He also defeated all of his opponents via finishes.

MMA fans jumped into the comment section to appreciate such a crazy move.

“Dana is signing him as we speak haha.” One fan joked while the other said, “Flying CHECHEN kick.”

Another fan also addressed Khutaev’s flying kick and showed how it is similar to the iconic move by WWF star Owen Hart. Hart often did a flying spinning hook kick during his active days as a professional wrestler.