(Video) Khabib humbles Hasbulla

Hasbulla Magomedov is a social media star hailing out of Dagestan. Hasbulla broke out in the MMA niche however his stardom eclipsed MMA with videos of him often going viral on tiktok outside of the MMA fanbase.

This led to Hasbulla inking a lucrative deal with UFC and selling merch.

It’s unclear if the event would be an MMA bout or if it’s even real due to the nature of his genetic condition. It could be a ploy to promote his UFC walk out merch – prized at the staggering 105$.

Hasbulla first broke out after a clip of him grappling went viral. The child like features of Hasbulla coupled with Khabib’s signature grappling style proved as an instant success formula.

Hasbulla is about 1 meter tall or 3 feet and 3.37 inches in height. He weighs around 16 kg. He is 20 years old.

Hasbulla has a well documented history of supporting Dagestanis in UFC including Islam Makhachev. During a recent trip to Abu Dhabi to corner Islam, a video of Khabib and Hasbulla went viral. While Khabib has a lot of love for the viral star he wasn’t afraid to humble him when it came down to it.

The two ended up having a fun grappling exchange that was video-ed.

This was a welcome break for Nurmagomedov who is displeased about the media treatment Makhachev was getting. There were a lot of doubters in lead up to UFC 280 main event due to the fact Makhachev hadn’t faced any top ranked opponents previously.
But in Nurmagomedov’s mind, Makhachev still isn’t getting the respect he deserves and the so called ‘goalpost is moved back’.

“Brother, come on, a couple hours ago you guys was talking about, ‘Charles gonna finish this guy.’ Now, when Islam finish him, now you guys talk about, ‘Do you think it was his toughest challenge?’ Of course. It was Charles Oliveira’s time. The whole world was talking about him. Now, Islam make it easy, now you guys are gonna forget about Charles Oliveira.”

Regardless of who you were rooting for the outcome of UFC 280 gave a definitive answer and Makhachev proved he was the real deal.