(Video) Kevin Holland Brings In Another Internet Troll To Confront

If you want to troll fighters online, you might have to rethink that strategy. UFC middleweight Kevin Holland has opened the internet troll hunting season.

While some other fighters do not really care about internet trolls, ‘Trailblazer’ seems to treat them differently as he invites the trolls to spar with him.

On January 30, he posted on his Instagram about someone named Jayden Draper messaging him on Instagram saying he could submit Holland and telling him to stop ducking. He eventually invites Draper to a jiu-jitsu roll and easily submitted him with a D’Arce choke.

Holland also wrote in his post that he will put on more videos of him beating up trolls like this on his Onlyfans account.

“1 troll down way to many more to go… …
How it started vs how it ended
#respect #athlete #entertainers
Catch all future troll smacks on my
@onlyfans” he wrote.

And just like what he said two weeks ago, he came up with another video of him beating up another troll on Monday. The troll–which the name not displayed–seems to call Holland as his former opponent Derek Brunson during a meet and greet and a spat started between the two.

“So this guy at the meet and greet called me Brunson…..
Later he got a autograph
Next day he got the pleasure of being troll number #2
2 down way to many to go im gonna start needing help
Full video will go up on mu #onlyfans
Dude ended up being respectful so yes I respect him for showing up.” Holland wrote explaining the situation with the second troll.

In the video, Holland seems to have fun with the troll as he keeps throwing body kicks towards his defenseless opponent and just stopping after the opponent said “ok stop bro”.

Holland might have an unsuccessful year in 2021 with a winless streak in three fights, but with him already bagging 2 wins in 2022, it seems things will be better for him this year.

The ‘Big Mouth’ will make a return to the octagon with a UFC welterweight debut against veteran fighter Alex ‘Cowboy’ Oliveira at UFC 272 on March 5.