(Video) Kentucky Derby melee potentially causes serious injury

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most anticipated horse-racing events in the world. However, the recent derby had spectators witnessing something unexpected – a gnarly tussle. The incident, which has gone viral on social media, involves two men engaging in a heated altercation that quickly spirals out of control.

Melee Leads to Potentially Serious Injury

In a video posted on Twitter by ‘nofones,’ the incident between the two men can be seen escalating. As the punches start flying, one of the combatants appears to suffer a serious injury, with blood pouring from his eye. After landing a solid right to his opponent, another individual enters the fray and throws a powerful punch, knocking the bleeding man back.

Meanwhile, another man involved in the incident has to be restrained, and a woman in a yellow dress attempts to intervene by slapping one of the combatants. The situation quickly gets out of hand, with spectators looking on in surprise as the scrap continues to rage on.

Uncommon Sight at a Prestigious Event

Incidents of this nature at sporting events are not uncommon. However, one would not expect a prestigious event like the Kentucky Derby to be the venue for such a conflict. The derby is an event where people come dressed to impress and enjoy the excitement of horse racing. The incident has left many in disbelief that such an outburst could occur at this type of event.

Concern Over Serious Injury

As the video of the incident continues to go viral, there is concern over the potential serious injury suffered by one of the combatants. Commentators have speculated that the man may have lost an eye due to the severity of the incident.

Social Media Users Weigh In

The video of the incident has already amassed over 1 million views on social media, with users commenting on the incident. Some have expressed concern over the seriousness of the injury, while others have poked fun at the situation, suggesting that the attendees were “all dressed up and ready to rumble.”

The Legal letter

One of the scrappers even tried to convince source into taking down the video, writing a strongly worded letter pretending to be an attorney.