(Video) Jon Jones talks outwrestling Daniel Cormier

Jon Jones has one of the most interesting stories in UFC. For those unaware, Jon Jones also comes from a wrestling background.

WWE star Matt Riddle has TWO wins over UFC legend Jon Jones while the pair were high-school wrestlers.

At Iowa Central Community College, Jones was roommates with another big name in MMA – Colby Covington.

Throughout his UFC career, Jon Jones has repeatedly shown his ability to compete against the top wrestlers. His first significant victory came in 2004, when he was named the Northeast Junior Greco-Roman Regional Champion at the age of 17. The UFC legend won numerous titles over the years, including Senior All-American, Division I State Champion, All-American, and National Champion at 197 pounds, all from the NHSCA.

But Jones had to give up his wrestling aspirations upon learning that he fathered a child. This made it all the more necessary for him to defeat Daniel Cormier (who famously made it all the way to Olympic Games).

“You know, he said, everywhere I go and all the tournaments, everyone is running for DC. He was like the whole wrestling community is against you right now. And we have something to prove, Jon. ”

“We have to show these guys that if you went D-1, that you would have been a national wrestling champion. If you went for the Olympics, you would a place at the Olympics, you know, because your dream got cut short and you had a kid and you had to give up wrestling.”