(Video) Jon Jones loses push up contest to no-legged wrestler after UFC 285 main event

Zion Clark is a former wrestler and current motivational speaker and mixed martial artist.

He was born with caudal regression syndrome, a rare condition that left him without legs.

Despite this, Zion has accomplished incredible feats, including becoming a high school wrestler and powerlifter.

He gained national attention after a video of him wrestling went viral and has since become a popular motivational speaker, sharing his story of perseverance and determination with audiences across the country.

Zion is also an adaptive athlete, competing in events such as the Paralympic Games and the Arnold Sports Festival. His story is an inspiration to many and serves as a reminder that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Clark also made his MMA debut earlier last year and received universal praise from MMA stars including Conor McGregor.

He was present at UFC 285 for the long awaited return of Jon Jones after a 3 year long negotiation period with the UFC.

In his highly anticipated heavyweight debut, Jon Jones proved that he is still one of the most dominant men in the UFC.

Despite concerns over his long layoff and the potential for ring rust, Jones looked sharper than ever as he dispatched Ciryl Gane in the first round of their main event clash at UFC 285.

The main event got off to a rocky start as Gane landed a low blow on Jones, causing a temporary halt in the action. However, Jones quickly regained his composure and established control of the center of the Octagon. He pressured Gane relentlessly, forcing the Frenchman to overextend and leaving him vulnerable to Jones’ world-class grappling skills.

He was fairly unbothered afterwards, having received a single strike from Gane – a low blow and challenged Stipe Miocic to an MMA contest likely slated for this summer.

Jones was greeted by Zion Clark upon his exit from the arena and the two engaged in a friendly push up contest.

Jones is obviously working with a lot more weight considering what he’s been through and started slowing down ultimately giving Clark the win in impromptu contest.

Jon Jones is known for his PED scandals, USADA loopholes, and atrocious behavior towards women. But he’s had wholesome moments previously as well. In one, in particular, Jon Jones fulfilled a disabled child’s dream of sparring with him.

Jones took the spar seriously, measuring distance and engaging in an exchange of knees and clinches with the kid. The child was a big fan of Jones and had clearly trained in MMA, as evidenced by his moves mirroring those of Jones.

Such gestures are essential in a sport that is often antagonistic and features complicated and even criminal incidents.