(Video) Jon Anik went viral for explaining the intricacies of a lesbian pregnancy at UFC 289

UFC commentator, Jon Anik, has once again sparked conversations on social media with his  remarks about Amanda Nunes’s upcoming baby.

During the UFC 289 event, Nunes showcased her dominance in the octagon by defeating Irene Aldana in a five-round battle, successfully defending her bantamweight title. It was a remarkable performance by the two-division champion.

Earlier this year, Nunes had shared the news that she and her partner, Nina Nunes, were expecting another daughter. The couple had previously welcomed their first child, Raegan Ann Nunes, through in-vitro fertilization in 2020. Following her victory at UFC 289, Nunes announced her retirement. It was at this moment that Jon Anik added an unexpected comment to the mix.

Anik cleverly remarked, “They have another daughter on the way. And if you do care, it’s Amanda’s eggs that are now inside Nina. So in all likelihood, that second girl is going to look just like her.”

Social media users applauded Anik’s detailed insight into Nunes’s personal life. However, some fans questioned whether Nunes would have preferred to keep this information private.

This is not the first time that Jon Anik’s commentary has ignited controversy. At UFC 258, Anik made comments about Chris Gutierrez and Andre Ewell, highlighting their custody battles involving their children. Anik had stated, “Both of these fighters have dealt with custody battles involving their children.”

Gutierrez, who emerged victorious, addressed the issue during the octagon interview. He opened up about his own custody battle, expressing his desire to provide a better life for his son. Gutierrez said, “It’s no secret that I’ve been going through a really bad custody battle. You know I haven’t seen my son in two years. I want to give him the life I never had, that’s my goal.”

Anik’s comments during the event received backlash from fans at the time. However, in a subsequent appearance on the Thiccc Boy podcast, Anik expressed regret over his choice of words.

He acknowledged his mistake, explaining, “Mistakenly, I wish I could take it back, but I tied their two stories together. I’m sort of trying in the middle of a round to explain that this is why these guys fight. They are both heavy-hearted, right?”

Anik further shared, “Not a day of my life goes by where some UFC fan doesn’t reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram and says something about the custody battle. My intentions were clear and they were good, the phraseology wasn’t good.”

As a prominent UFC commentator, Jon Anik’s words often hold weight and impact the narratives surrounding stars’ personal lives.