(Video) John Wick much? Guy manages to hold his own against 20 people

A big staple in martial arts movies from the inception of the genre to the contemporary action flicks is a scenario where the main protagonist is outnumbered big time. And while this kind of thing can go well in movies it very very very rarely does in real life.

In fact scenarios like these are why jiu-jitsu is unable to market itself to a global audience – because if you do go to the ground against a single opponent there’s nothing stopping the remaining 19 from stomping on you at will.

Yet recently a video emerged – and the main protagonist – for lack of a better word, did just fine.

The video in question is happening in some sort of a corridor and it features a kind of a mass brawl where the main person is in that me vs the world scenario.

Thanks to using his striking properly he’s able to not get mauled.

The interaction starts when the man who is being filmed is showed by a masked person behind him. He turns but keeps walking backwards maintaining a safe distance at first. But then he opts to confront the instigator despite being outnumbered. A showing match ensues.

While he does take some damage in process it’s honestly rather impressive how he handles himself and manages to get out of the situation more or less unscathed.

(Video) MMA athlete praised for incredible showcase of self defense

A mixed martial artist from Australia recently found himself in a dire situation. The man in question is Aussie mixed martial artists, Viktor Lyall. Lyall was confronted by two men and a woman in an alleyway.

While we’re unsure what prompted the altercation, Lyall was certainly one to finish it – and in style.

The conflict appeared to have started off verbally but with harsh words and threats Lyall remained calm as the two men tried to get closer and escalate the conflict.

At one point, mixed martial artist maintains his cool as one of the men faints to throw a strike and simply pushes him back.

The conflict didn’t stop there either. Soon after the shirtless man attempted to do the same thing but was rebuffed with a Stockton slap.

Since the video has been making rounds on social media, a number of MMA athletes reacted to it.

BKFC star Bec Rodriguez posted the clip, saying: “Not all heroes wear capes. *back story* these two grubs were bashing a guy in the alley way, stomping on him when @impalervikki intervened & handed them some street justice!!”

UFC vet Suman Mokhtarian commented: β€œThere’s nothing that makes me happier! I found my new street hero @impalervikki you SK πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŠπŸΌβ€

Boxing world champion Shannon Briggs added: “They fight different in #brownsville #LETSGOCHAMP”

While MMA athlete Raquel Canuto wrote: β€œThis was painful to watch lol i wish the guy in red got more lol and the girl… my gosh.”

And Conor McGregor’s training partner Peter Queally added: “Superb.”