(Video) John Fury rips off his shirt and calls out Jake Paul alongside son Tommy in the ring

On the undercard of Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition match against YouTuber Deji, Rolly Lambert and Tommy Fury boxed over a course of six rounds. While Paul was ringside commentating the match, John tore off his shirt and approached him right after the bout.

Tommy quickly joined him, and they each demanded that Paul enter the ring with them or leave. Both refused to comply, exchanging obscenities instead. The argument was finally resolved, but rumors of a clash between Tommy and Paul persist despite the fact Paul is unlikely to organize an event only to have it fall through for the 3rd time.

Paul shouted at Fury Sr. saying,

“You’re a miserable old man. Come fight me right now then.” Fury then responded, “Forget my son, I’m the king of the bare-knuckle man.”

Tommy Fury then joined his father by saying,

“There’s a certain b**** from ringside that I want in the ring now. Tell him to get in here because he would never have the b**** to get in here and fight a man of this calibre on a few hours notice.”

The two were set to square off twice, but Fury was forced to cancel both times. This was due to a fractured rib sustained in December of last year and again three months later because he was prohibited from travelling to America due to his older brother’s ties to the Irish cartel.

Since then, Paul defeated UFC icon Anderson Silva in Arizona last month. Prior to Tyson’s knockout of Dillian Whyte in April, Fury competed on the undercard of his brother’s fight.

This weekend, he was scheduled to fight Paul Bamba. However, Fury weighed in seven pounds heavier than his opponent at which point Bamba declined to negotiate, which forced the organizers to rush to locate a substitute.

The event ended up organizing an exhibition against Rolly Lambert instead – and it ended in a draw because it went the distance and exhibitions don’t have decisions.