(Video) John Fury pulled out of cage after trying to get to KSI with startling behavior

In a dramatic turn of events, John Fury Sr. stole the spotlight at the press conference by directing a barrage of insults at KSI.

The chaos unfolded as John Fury disrupted the caged face-off between his son Tommy and KSI. Security personnel had to step in to separate the feuding parties.

This press conference sets the stage for the much-anticipated event scheduled for October 14th in Manchester. The YouTuber sensation is set to face off against former Love Island contestant, while Logan Paul is slated to take on Dillon Danis.

Sporting a bold T-shirt bearing the message “FOR REAL FIGHTERS,” the retired professional boxer didn’t hold back. While KSI was being questioned, he started hurling abuses from off-stage.

He shouted at KSI and told the host: “You shut up you, you be quiet.”

In a candid outburst, John Fury expressed his frustration by asserting, “You’re out there, sat like a bunch of p**sies and I’m still being barred from public places in 2023.”

Struggling to maintain composure during the interview, KSI retorted: “This f**king loud mouthed t**t is gonna keep going.”

As Tommy and KSI faced off in the cage, John Fury couldn’t resist joining the fray. He stood by his son, delivering punches and even a headbutt towards the screen.

In the midst of the chaos, Tommy appeared to find amusement in his 58-year-old father’s fervor as he started chuckling.

Calling out to KSI, John demanded: ‘look me in the eyes.’ This prompted a swarm of security personnel and crew members to surround the cage and remove him from the scene.

Anticipation surrounds this weekend’s matches, with projections suggesting they could shatter pay-per-view records. The star-studded line-up promises significant earnings for all involved.

Lee Astley of Safebettingsites.com predicts that the event’s hype could lead to unprecedented viewership, surpassing the reported two million pay-per-view buys from Paul’s first bout with KSI.

Astley emphasizes the magnitude of this event by saying: “Eddie Hearn claims KSI v Logan Paul did around two million PPVs globally in 2019 – well, we think that number could be smashed apart this weekend.”

“Boxing fans are going to be treated to a monumental double header with arguably the two biggest influencer boxers in the world stepping into the ring and the numbers will show it. For the last few months all four fighters have been preparing for the fight, both in the ring and on social media.”

“A few remarks have been below the belt and we think fans will pay to see it settled once and for all in their droves.”

As the excitement builds, the world eagerly awaits the outcome of these matches.