(Video) Joe Rogan’s Intense Response to Israel Adesanya’s Triumph at UFC 287

Joe Rogan is a household name for fans of the UFC, renowned for his lively commentary and enthusiastic reactions to the sport’s most exciting moments.

In recent years, his passionate commentary has become a staple of UFC broadcasts, with fans eagerly anticipating his analysis and commentary.

Thanks to the lucrative spotify deal, Rogan’s stardome may have eclipsed even that of the UFC.

One of Rogan’s most memorable reactions came during Israel Adesanya’s victory over Alex Pereira at UFC 287, where he nearly pushed fellow commentator Jon Anik out of his seat.

Joe Rogan has long been a huge fan of Israel Adesanya dating back even before he had Adesanya on his podcast in 2019. Rogan previously caught a lot of flack for going over the board in his cheering for Adesanya during the Jan Blachowicz bout.

The affection goes both ways, Adesanya was one of the first to defend Rogan when he was under fire for alleged racism in light of his monumental Spotify deal that’s now revealed to be worth upwards of $100 million.

Adesanya later elaborated on why he stood up for Rogan saying:

“When (the N-word) video came out, yeah, he was wrong. He shouldn’t have said that. And he said ‘I’m sorry.’ That was the most sincere (apology), not scripted-Hollywood-my-manager-wrote-this-down-for-me-to-apologize. What more do you want? It’s just this f*cking culture of just like, ‘No, we’re gonna hold you to your past.’ That’s how many years ago.”

Overall, Joe Rogan’s commentary and analysis are a testament to his passion and enthusiasm for a range of topics. Whether discussing the excitement of the UFC or the potential wealth of a comic book superhero, he brings a unique perspective and an infectious energy that captivates fans and audiences alike.