(Video) Jiu-jitsu saves the day during an incident at the terminal

Rener Gracie is the grandson of BJJ legend Helio Gracie. Alon with his brother, the Gracies popularized BJJ and marketed it in America for a very long time.

Gracie follows in their footsteps and commonly offers deconstructions of real life scenarios.

Recently he shed light at an incident that occurred at an airport terminal.

In the clip we can observe a member of airport personnel straddling a belligerent customer and trying to calm him down.

The man in question is handling the situation and advising on lookers to not get involved. He’s using positional dominance to pin the rascal down and not injure him.

BJJ is the best choice in situations like this as it allows for you to immobilize someone without maiming on hurting them permanently.

The man seems to not give up and is even bridging and waving hands around.

But the airport personnel was able to restrain the man without a major issue.

Gracie confirmed that the security guy trains jiu-jitsu. Allegedly the belligerent passenger instigated the incident by hitting another person to the back of the head.

Security guy was talking to him throughout the incident to try and dissuade him from causing further unrest and resisting.

He was clearly waiting for more security personnel to escort the offender out.

Airport personnel was using a modified americana to control the offending passenger. Americana is a type of a figure 4 armlock that can be used both as a control and as a submission.

Arguably it’s a much better control than submission as it allows for you to fully neutralize any of your opponents movements without exertion.

Immobilizing the shoulder is surprisingly efficient as a strategy to hold someone down.