(Video) Jiu-jitsu saves the day after a group altercation on an airplane

On Monday, chaos erupted on LATAM Airlines flight LA135, bound for Santiago de Chile, when four passengers caused a scene, leaving six aviation security agents injured and four passengers in police custody. The incident occurred at Andrés Sabella Gálvez International Airport in Antofagasta, Chile.


The disturbance began when the unruly passengers verbally abused other customers on the flight, prompting the flight crew to seek help from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. The situation escalated when a flight attendant approached one of the passengers and asked him to leave the aircraft.

Aviation agents arrived to remove the passengers, but were met with resistance. One video shows a passenger that was drinking hitting an aviation agent on the back, while another passenger restrained an individual with a choke to stop him from assaulting the agent. In another video, two agents struggled to restrain a passenger on the tarmac, who kicked one of the agents before being subdued and handcuffed.

LATAM Airlines issued a statement condemning the actions of the four passengers, and announced that they would be pursuing legal action against them. This is the second brawl to occur on a South American airline this month, following a February 2 incident on a Gol Airlines flight in Brazil, which saw 15 passengers get into it over a window seat.


The incident on LATAM Airlines flight LA135 left six aviation security agents with minor injuries, while the four unruly passengers were taken into police custody. It is unclear what charges they will face.


Incidents like this highlight the importance of proper behavior and respect for airline staff and fellow passengers. The consequences of unruly behavior on a flight can be severe, and can lead to injuries, arrests, and legal action. It is important for airlines to take a firm stance against such behavior and for passengers to be aware of the potential consequences of their actions.