(Video) Jean clad ladies duke it out in an arena surrounded by haystacks

In a fierce display of bare-knuckle boxing, Russian bare knuckle stars Polina Petukhova and Olga Gurova delivered an intense bout that left spectators in awe. Surrounded by haystacks, the two women engaged in a ferocious battle, trading blows all while clad in jeans

The showdown took place in Moscow a while back, as part of the Top Dog FC. With the rustic setting and onlookers cheering them on, Petukhova and Gurova sparred valiantly.

Right from the start, both exchanged powerful punches, landing big headshots that showcased their strength and determination. In a matter of seconds, blood was drawn, with Gurova receiving a particularly nasty shot to the face.

Despite the intensity of the action, the bout eventually concluded, leaving both competitors  battered, and bruised. Surprisingly, the bare-knuckle event ended in a tie, with the Top Dog referee raising the arms of both Gurova and Petukhova in recognition of their valiant efforts.

After the grueling battle, the two shared a heartfelt hug, displaying mutual respect for each other’s toughness and skill. As footage of the bout recently circulated on social media platforms, MMA fans were captivated by the unwavering spirit and determination exhibited by these Russian athletes.

Comments flooded in from impressed viewers, commending the two for their performance. One fan simply stated, “They’re both wild,” accompanied by five fire emojis. Several fans even expressed the opinion that the female stars outperformed their male counterparts, highlighting the exceptional skill and tenacity on display.

Following the memorable clash, Olga Gurova went on to achieve a 3-1 win-loss record as a professional, showcasing her continued success in the MMA world. On the other hand, Petukhova has not competed professionally since their fierce encounter, leaving fans eager to see her return to the ring.

The nature of this bare-knuckle event exemplifies the dedication and resilience of MMA stars, captivating audiences with their raw power and unwavering spirit.