(Video) Japanese Masvidal lands incredible four-second flying knee knockout

In a remarkable display of skill and speed at Professional Shooto Vol. 4, flyweight sensation Takaya Suzuki delivered an electrifying knockout to seasoned mixed martial arts veteran Yuichi Miyagi in just four seconds. The event took place at the iconic New Pier Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Before the jaw-dropping knockout, Miyagi extended a gesture for a glove touch. This was a customary sportsmanship ritual before the match. However, Suzuki had different plans.

Suzuki was not going to give him one and struck him with his lightning-quick flying knee instead. The two combatants reportedly touched gloves during the stare-down before the match, according to MMA Twitter wizard Caposa.

At just 19 years old, Suzuki is competing in the flyweight division. He elevated his record to an impressive 5-1 with this recent victory. Suzuki has been on a meteoric rise, securing five consecutive wins since his MMA debut setback in 2022. He has crafted a reputation for himself with a three-bout knockout streak, leaving a trail of awe-inspiring performances.

With each knockout, Suzuki solidifies his standing as a formidable force in the flyweight division. The question looms: will the UFC come calling?

The potential for Suzuki to land a spot on Dana White’s Contender Series seems inevitable, especially considering the current lack of Japanese combatants making waves on the international stage.

While Suzuki’s star continues to rise, another Japanese flyweight Tatsuro Taira is making waves in the MMA scene. The two growing sensations add an exciting layer to Japan’s presence in the global MMA arena.

Takaya Suzuki’s four-second knockout at Professional Shooto Vol. 4 not only secured his dominance in the flyweight division but also fueled speculation about his future in the UFC or Dana White’s Contender Series. As the Japanese MMA scene witnesses a resurgence, both Takaya Suzuki and fellow countryman Tatsuro Taira add intrigue and excitement to the unfolding narrative.