(Video) Jake Shields took up UFC’s worst athlete on his word and showed up to confront him in a gym

Mike Jackson is arguably UFC’s worst athlete. Jackson was signed to the promotion in an attempt to get a suitable opponent for pro wrestler CM Punk after his debut ended in a one sided 20 second beating.

Jackson became famous after beating CM Punk via unanimous decision during the main event of UFC 225. The win was overturned after he tested positive for pot.

Jackson would get his first UFC win in April of 2022 after his opponent was disqualified.

Prior to trying his hand at professional MMA, Jackson was a journalist and is outspoken on a variety of topics pertaining to MMA politics and culture on his social media.

This caused him to butt heads with retired member of the Nick Diaz camp – UFC veteran Jake Shields. Shields retired a couple of years ago and has since been somewhat of a right wing influencer on twitter. He’s shared a variety of interesting opinions on everything from AIDS to Meghan Markle.

Jackson and Shields first butted heads earlier this year in the fall out from the Dean Barry DQ win when Jackson referenced ‘White fragility’.


Jackson seemed open to the possibility:

Nothing came of it then – but then yesterday the news of their volatile conflict made it online with a video attached.

Shields was delighted overpowering Jackson and referred to him as a racist.

Jackson deactivated his twitter in the fall out from viral stunt. Shields proceeded to call him out further.

UFC’s Chase Hopper and Randy Costa had some fun in the comment section connecting the incident to the recent judging failure at UFC 282.


Shields also pointed out a funny hypocrisy in Jackson’s behavior.

While there are commenters that are condemning the incident it’s worth noting that Shields never really punched Jackson and was instead slapping him. Considering the lack of injuries and damage suffered Jackson is unlikely to get anywhere pursuing this in the legal system.

Some internet commenters pointed out that Shields might be in trouble due to posting the incriminating video and even quoted his longtime friend to him.

Diaz had posted this in response to Jorge Masvidal seemingly claiming credit online for his attack on Colby Covington back in March.

Story developing.