(Video) Jake Paul squares up with Jorge Masvidal in an incident that’s not staged at all

There is no doubt that Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal absolutely loathe one another. Recently, the two combat sports figures met in person in Miami and got into an argument regarding things that were said and done in the past.

Paul published the video on one of his business profiles on twitter. The video shows Paul being challenged by Masvidal in the parking lot of the warehouse in Miami.

Jake Paul apparently had something business to attend in the warehouse when he got to know about the arrival of Jorge Masvidal. Paul then approached him with his entourage and cameras capturing the tension that filled the air.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer asks the former UFC welterweight if he was attempting to cause problems. Masvidal responds by saying that Miami was his home territory.

Paul went on to say: “It’s your city, so you own this right here?… You’ve been saying a lot on Ariel Helwani’s. You called me a punk b**ch.”

As tensions mounted, Masvidal admitted to the accusations. He then responded by saying: “I did.”

While the authenticity of the confrontation remains uncertain and we do not know if the incident has been staged or not, it is evident that both individuals have exchanged verbal jabs in the past. Additionally, their history of callouts and desire for a potential boxing match have only fueled the fire further.

After defeating Tyron Woodley in 2021, YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul challenged the Miami native to a matchup.

In an interview, Jorge Masvidal was asked whether a boxing match vs Paul still piqued his attention. He stated: “I always said it would be a great fight for me. I could knock him out, and make a lot of easy money… But you know, that ship has sailed now that he does not have that 0, maybe comes back and gets a couple wins and stuff but that’s probably the only dude.”

After losing to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287, Jorge Masvidal declared his retirement from mixed martial arts. He is officially a free agent currently. Meanwhile, Jake Paul will compete against Nate Diaz in August.

This is likely another ploy to market an event – in which both are complicit. Considering the luck Paul has had against aging UFC stars, it’s no surprise he would be looking for another opponent asap.