(Video) Jake Paul sparring partner attempts takedown on Love Island star Jack Fincham

Prior to their bout this weekend, Jake Fincham and Jake Paul’s sparring partner Anthony Taylor got into a furious argument.

When Taylor boxes reality TV sensation Fincham on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition against Deji at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, he will be resuming his boxing career.

The American sensation recently beat Ashley from the X-Factor winning band Rak Su in his most recent match. He has previously faced opponents like Tommy Fury and Chris Avila.

Fincham was pushed by Taylor when they first met in person at the press conference at York Hall. As media week got underway, the two got into a violent argument once again in Dubai, where the open workouts were taking place.

Taylor competed in boxing against Nate Diaz team member Chris Avila at the recent Paul vs Anderson Silva event. He has an MMA record consisting of 7 wins and 5 losses *(all of his losses came earlier in his career).

Taylor yelled at the British celebrity, and they again came face to face. Fincham then yelled: “Listen, I’m the Love Island king. You’d love to be the Love Island king, boy.”

“I’m going to break you first round,” his enraged opponent said. He then started to wrestle Fincham to the ground by grabbing his legs.

Members of Fincham’s crew attempted to keep the duo apart. Fincham ultimately slid to the ground softly by pinning Taylor to the ground. Finally, he was hauled up and away from Fincham before being removed from the brawl.

The South London native is intent on making a statement on his debut after being underwhelmed by Taylor’s antics in attempting to build up their rivalry. In the aftermath, he stated:

“I watched it after and I thought, ‘yeah you’ve caught him with a good shot, but what did you do after.'”

” he’s former-MMA, he’s fit – you should be beating people like that anyway. It’s not like shock. And I don’t like shouting after ‘oh, I want this person’ and he’s calling people out. After something like that, that’s not the way you should be acting I think.”

During press conferences promoting the fight card, Taylor has been at the centre of the action. He got into a violent dispute with John Fury, the father of his previous opponent. The two tore off their jackets to fight before security intervened. The American actor also screamed a long shout-out to Mayweather, with whom he is considering a future matchup.

He yelled: “Lets be honest, what I think we really want to see is ‘Pretty Boy’ Anthony Taylor vs. ‘Money’ Floyd Mayweather. Now that’s a fight! Personality, personality. I’m the most qualified fighter to be fighting Floyd Mayweather in exhibition. I fought on Showtime. Some of the biggest fights you have all ever seen on pay-per-view. I deserve to fight Floyd. He already said he’s never seen Deji. I’m the f***ing ‘Pretty Boy’ baby! Former ‘Pretty Boy’ now ‘Money’ Mayweather.”