(Video) Jake Paul challenges troll to survive 45s with him in the ring for $10k

Jake PaulĀ  has been making waves in the combat sports world with his recent announcement of a boxing match against UFC veteran Nate Diaz.

This event is slated to take place on August 5th and will be available on DAZN PPV.

Before we discuss Paul’s upcoming bout with Diaz, let’s take a look at one of his recent sparring sessions with his friend and fellow YouTuber, Jasper.

In a video uploaded to his channel, Paul can be seen sparring with Jasper, with a wager of $10,000 on the line if Jasper can last 45 seconds.

Despite the friendly nature of the sparring session, Paul did not hold back any punches and landed some heavy shots on Jasper, who ultimately did not make it to the 45-second mark.

This sparring session gives fans a glimpse into Paul’s training and preparation for his upcoming bout with Diaz. It shows that he takes his training seriously and is willing to go all-out, even in a casual setting.

In his social media announcement, Jake Paul stated that he would be taking on Nate Diaz in a boxing match. Diaz is a fan favorite, known for his crisp striking and his ability to take a punch.

Earlier, Jake Paul announced that he was signing with PFL, an MMA organization. Fans speculated on whether his bout with Diaz would be an MMA match. While it has been confirmed that this will be a boxing match, the possibility of an MMA bout between Paul and Diaz is still very real.

Diaz expressed a desire to return to the UFC after a lucrative payday against Paul.

Given Diaz’s star power and Paul’s growing reputation in the combat sports world, a matchup between the two in the MMA cage would undoubtedly generate significant attention.