(Video) Islam Makhachev receives a Hero’s welcome back in Dagestan

Islam Makhachev celebrated his win over the course of the weekend with his father and Sergey Melikov, the head of the Republic of Dagestan.

Following in the footsteps of mentor and friend Khabib Nurmagomedov, Makhachev managed to secure American Kickboxing Academy’s second undisputed UFC lightweight title. He won with a second-round arm-triangle submission victory against Oliveira at UFC 280 on Saturday in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Islam Makhachev met with his father and the Head of the Republic while participating in a parade in his home Dagestan. A sizable audience had gathered to greet the newly crowned undisputed UFC lightweight champion.

Islam Makhachev greeted everyone. He said:

“Salam Alaikum everybody. I’d like to thank everybody who came here to greet and support me. Later we will eat together. There we can talk and take pictures.”

Now Alexander Volkanovski is likely to be Makhachev’s first opponent for his undisputed lightweight gold title after his convincing title victory.

Following Makhachev’s championship victory, the two agreed on a match at UFC 284 in Perth, Australia. It is supposed to happen in February of next year. The promotion is scheduled to return to the RAC Arena.

In making a prediction for the matchup with Volkanovski, Makhachev’s trainer and coach, Khabib praised his pupil. He said that Makhachev will score another submission victory against Volk:

“Let him prepare this. Clinch wrestling, like freestyle wrestling, Greco Roman. Grappling, Thai clinch, left hand. (Alexander) Volkanovski, we respect you, but we’re gonna take your place, brother.”

He added: “You are pound-for-pund number one right now, but Islam (Makhachev) want to be on your side.You have to prepare. Clinch, lot of knees. He’s gonna eat a lot of knees.”

“He’s gonna take all his energy, take him down, and he’s gonna choke him out. This is what I think. This is the way how I see how’s fight gonna go.”