(Video) Is Target the new Walmart? Scrap goes viral

It seems like retail is a very stressful occupation. Next to undesirable work conditions there’s also the chance to witness big disputes between the customers.

While Walmart had previously gone viral for a number of such incidents, this time it was all at target.

Three women seemed to be locked in a dispute. One appeared to be playing the role of an intermediary, at least at the start of it.

Trademark hair grabs were also a part of the incident from the get go. This seems to be one of the classical lessons in women’s self defense. There’s a necessity to actually know how to rid yourself of the hair grab if you’re to effectively defend yourself against a woman.

There’s also a bit of a size discrepancy between the participants, not that it stopped them. The two seem to be swinging wildly and clearly have a very limited understanding of striking.

The intermediary seems inept as well, struggling to place distance between the two. She even calls for workers to help her separate the two – but sadly they’re not able o before the terrible twosome crashes into a produce display.

Quickly an employee and two male customers rush in to try and help defuse the situation. They verbally incentivize the two to let go of each other’s hair as the wrecked display is seen below them.

Here the hair conundrum is obvious once again. This seems to be one of the biggest glaring flaws in any women’s self defense instinct.

Defending against a hair grab can be a challenging situation, but there are techniques that can be effective in self-defense situations. It’s crucial to remain calm and composed in a self-defense situation. If you panic, you might not be able to think clearly or react appropriately.

One of the most effective ways to defend against a hair grab is to use your hands. Try to grab the attacker’s wrist with both hands and push it down towards their body while pulling your head away from their grip.

Use your free hand to strike the attacker’s vulnerable areas like their eyes, nose, or throat. This will give you a chance to break free and run away.