(Video) Internet in upheaval over kids slap event held in Romania

The world of mixed martial arts (MMA) is no stranger to controversy, but the latest uproar has nothing to do with the sport itself.

Instead, it centers on a oddball offshoot of MMA called slap competition, and specifically, the actions of Romanian promotion RXF.

RXF has been at the center of the slap competition controversy for some time now.

In a previous event, one of its competitors, Sorin Comsa, suffered massive swelling to his face after competing in a slap contest. The video of the event went viral, attracting millions of views and sparking outrage on social media.

Despite the backlash, RXF has continued to promote its slap competitions, and in a recent event, the organization featured two kids.

The video of the girls’ competition quickly drew criticism from fans and observers around the world, with many expressing outrage at the idea of young girls participating in such a dangerous and violent activity. Some commentators suggested that the girls were too young to fully understand the risks involved, and that they were being exploited by the promotion for the sake of spectacle.

The controversy surrounding slap competition has been brewing for some time now. Many people believe that the activity is too dangerous, and that it should not be regulated as a sport. Unlike other combat sports like boxing or MMA, slap competition requires competitors to stand still and take vicious hits without being able to defend themselves.

Despite these concerns, slap competition has become increasingly popular in recent years, with UFC president Dana White even launching his own slap competition promotion earlier this year. However, RXF’s decision to feature young girls in its competition has taken the controversy to a new level, and many are calling for the promotion to be held accountable for its actions.

However it turned out that the outcry was premature – one of the girls featured was a national wrestler, while the other was an Instagram celebrity. Teodora Sirbu is a Romanian national champion up to 62 kg. She’s 19 years old and therefor of age and not a minor.

In the end, the controversy surrounding slap competition raises important questions about the limits of combat sports and the responsibility of promoters to ensure the safety and well-being of their competitors. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen whether slap competition will continue to attract controversy, or whether it will eventually be regulated out of existence.