(Video) Intergender scrap in Brazil goes viral


A video of an intergender scrap between two lawyers in Brasília, Brazil has gone viral. The incident took place after their pet dogs had a conflict at a local park. And the male lawyer was caught on camera throwing hands at the female lawyer.

This unexpected video has raised concerns about behavior against women and the safety of pet owners in public places.

On a typical Monday in Brasília, two lawyers, Cledmylson Ferreira and Gizelle Piza, were walking their dogs when a conflict broke out between their pets.

Ferreira’s dog was not on a leash, and it lunged at Piza’s dog. Piza attempted to pull her dog back, but it was too late. Ferreira then charged at Piza and knocked her phone out of her hand before instigating a scrap with her.

The unexpected footage shows Ferreira shoving his hands into Piza’s face, punching her, and grabbing her hair before flinging her to the ground. Piza managed to defend herself by scratching Ferreira’s face, but the altercation continued as Ferreira followed her to argue further.

After Piza had called the police and attempted to record the license plate of Ferreira’s car, he tried to run her over before getting out of the car to continue the incident.

The incident ended with Ferreira’s arrest and charges of assault, not using caution while walking his dog, and more.


Moreover, it is crucial to note that the incident took place between two lawyers who should have known better than to resort to physical exchanges. The legal profession has a responsibility to uphold the law and ensure justice for all, and this incident goes against those principles.