(Video) Instant Karma: MMA pro fakes Glove Touch, Gets KOed

In many combat sports, such as boxing and MMA, it is customary for competitors to touch gloves at the beginning of a bout or a round. This tradition is meant to show respect and sportsmanship towards the opponent. It is said that the practice of touching gloves originated in boxing, as a handshake is not feasible when wearing 10-ounce gloves.

Unfortunately, there are some individuals in the martial arts community who disregard the importance of sportsmanship. These individuals attempt to gain an advantage by taking cheap shots or disrespecting their opponents. However, these actions ultimately lead to their downfall.

Recently, there was an interesting case in which a man neglected the customary glove touch and instead opted for a barely there flurry. This lack of respect towards the opponent was a clear indication of the man’s disregard for sportsmanship. As a result of this strategy, he paid a hefty price.

Sportsmanship is an essential aspect of any combat sport. It creates a positive and respectful atmosphere that encourages fair competition. In addition, displaying good sportsmanship can earn the respect and admiration of both fans and opponents.

Furthermore, neglecting sportsmanship can have serious consequences. It can lead to penalties, disqualifications, and even physical harm. More importantly, it can tarnish a fighter’s reputation and result in long-term damage to their career.

BFL made a triumphant return to downtown Vancouver with one of the most stacked cards in promotional history.

Middleweight Champion Jared Revel faces off against Former TUF Winner Jesse Taylor in the Main Event

The main event features a highly anticipated showdown between middleweight champion Jared Revel and former TUF winner Jesse Taylor. Revel will look to defend his title against Taylor, who is known for his grappling prowess and has a wealth of experience under his belt. It’s an exciting matchup that is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

The evening’s co-main event sees featherweight kingpin Mateo Vogel put his title on the line against American Drew Brokenshire. Vogel has been on a roll lately, and he’ll be looking to keep his winning streak alive against Brokenshire, who is a tough challenger with a wealth of experience in the sport.

But audiences attention was captured by another clip – a quick finish between Ash Mashreghi and Dario Sinagoga.

Mashreghi defeated his opponent with a Knockout (Punches) at 0:11 of Round 1 after his opponent was willing to exploit the sportsmanship and fake the glove touch to charge at his opponent.
Suffice to say, he got the quick finish he wished for.