Video inside the Miami Heat stadium pokes holes in McGregor’s accuser’s story

Early yesterday major news broke that cast a shadow of doubt over McGregor’s UFC return. For the fourth time, McGregor has been accused of assault by a woman.

Furthermore, the woman claimed the assault was facilitated by the stadium security.

The incident allegedly took place in the VIP men’s bathroom, where McGregor is accused of subjecting the unidentified woman to unwanted sexual acts. The Miami Police Department’s Special Victims Unit is currently investigating the incident after a report was filed on June 11, 2023.

Recently obtained footage from TMZ shows McGregor leading the woman into the men’s bathroom, where she alleges the assault occurred. The video captures McGregor guiding her by hand and closing the door behind them. McGregor’s security guards can be seen blocking the entrance, contradicting the accuser’s original statement that she was forced into the restroom by McGregor and his security team.

According to a spokesperson from the Miami Police Department, the investigation is ongoing, and no further information can be disclosed at this time. McGregor’s representatives have stated that they will fully cooperate with the investigation, vehemently denying the woman’s claims and suggesting that they are motivated by financial gain rather than truth.

While it’s still possible that McGregor might face charges stemming from the incident it’s looking less likely.

‘The claimant’s lawyer now has changed her story. Mr. McGregor welcomes the investigation, which he firmly believes will show the claims against him are false.

‘After not responding to the demand for money made by claimant’s counsel, she turned to the media to apply pressure.

‘This is no more than a shakedown,’ McGregor’s attorney, Barbara R. Llanes, said, in a statement.

Both the Miami Heat and the UFC, the organization with which McGregor is closely associated, have acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations. The Heat has launched a thorough investigation and stated that further comments will be withheld pending the outcome

Similarly, the UFC has affirmed its awareness of the situation and intends to gather additional details before making any official statements.

McGregor was previously accused of assaulting a woman in a Dublin hotel in December of 2018. A second allegation of an assault on a woman was reported in October 2019.

Nothing came of the assaults in terms of criminal prosecution.

On 10th September 2020, he was arrested in Corsica on suspicion of attempted assault and indecent exposure after an incident at a bar. Eight months later, French authorities dropped the investigation due to insufficient evidence.