(Video) Influencer sparks backlash for judging men based on cars they drive

A TikTok influencer has found herself at the center of controversy after posting a video in which she judges men based on the cars they drive. The TikToker, known as SJ (sj.larevitzear) boasts an impressive following of 86,000 on the platform. But despite that she has faced criticism and has been labeled a “red flag” for her comments about men and their choice of vehicles.

In a viral clip that has garnered over 500,000 views, SJ boldly declares that if a guy picks her up in certain cars on dates, she simply refuses to go. She proceeds to list the cars that she deems undesirable, starting with the Toyota Prius. SJ expresses her strong opinion, stating, “I know the type of person you are. If you drive these cars, it’s time for some self-reflection.”

Next on her list is the Honda Ridgeline, which she asserts should only be driven by her 90-year-old grandpa. Lastly, SJ takes aim at the Jeep Gladiator, finding it amusing and questioning the rationale behind owning such a vehicle before the video abruptly ends.

The TikTok community wasted no time in reacting to SJ’s car opinions, flooding the comment section with a mix of criticism and amusement. While some users expressed their disagreement and labeled SJ as judgmental, others found her commentary humorous.

Critics took the opportunity to point out what they perceived as flaws in SJ’s perspective. One user sarcastically remarked, “She wants a Benz or Beemer but has a smart car attitude.” Another user playfully speculated that if asked about her contributions to a relationship, SJ would respond with a self-centered answer of “me.”

The video prompted discussions about red flags in relationships, with some viewers jokingly suggesting that they would show SJ’s video as an example. Despite the backlash, a few users found SJ’s video entertaining and praised her sense of humor.

SJ herself appeared unfazed by the criticism, responding to the insults in the comments with nonchalance. She admitted to finding amusement in the funny insults and expressed boredom with the prevalence of comments about her appearance.

As with any viral content, this TikTok video sparked a range of reactions. While SJ’s opinions may not resonate with everyone, the discourse surrounding her video highlights the diverse perspectives within the TikTok community. For more captivating entertainment news and viral stories, be sure to explore our coverage.