(Video) Influencer gets physically confronted after trying to cut a 40 minute line

Pandemonium arose as a brawl broke out at the New Year’s Eve event in Nashville. An entitled ‘influencer’ cut in line at a beverage tent and caused havoc when she was confronted. She was eventually attacked for her behavior.

A video shared by a Tiktoker with the handle @desi.self covered the whole incident. The video shows a blonde woman arguing with the attendees lined up to get drinks.

The Tiktoker explained that the attendees had been waiting in line for 40 minutes. The woman was with two of her friends. When she was called out for her mistake, she began to cause a scene and started videoing the woman who was questioning her.

The influencer can be heard in the clip saying to her: “I am obnoxiously beautiful, you ugly old b****, you f***ing stank a** b****, I will beat you the f*** up,”

She can be seen with her two friends berating the woman who was complaining while waiting for their drinks.

A man walking away from the tent with his drinks can be seen in the clip, saying what he overheard from the conversation: “Bro, she has 70,000 followers on TikTok”.

When the trio received their order, they started leaving. However, the influencer had her hair grabbed by the woman she was harassing and was pulled to the ground.

She quickly got up with the help of her friends and threw her drink at the woman who attacked her. She can be seen in the video going after the woman as it ends.

According to the uploader, the scene went as follows:

“The girl who cut (the line) started videoing the lady who said something to them, and when (the passerby) asked her to stop (filming), she didn’t, so (the passerby) smacked her phone,”

Needless to say, the video went viral as it received more than 100k views.

As this happened, the supposed attacker identified herself as Shannon Unck in the comments of the video. She commented: “Hi…I’m not that old….gawd,”

Meanwhile, it appears that @lexiiisofly is the so-called influencer responsible for the whole incident.

She posted a video in which she put the caption: “Me to the old lady who felt she had the right to physically assault me bc I jumped a line and now she has to go to jail,”

Lexi’s video indicates that Unck may be at the receiving end of some legal trouble.