(Video) Influencer boxing to feature match with combined competitor weight of 800lbs

Two of the biggest names in the YouTube community, Wings of Redemption and Boogie2988, have stripped off at the press conference ahead of their much-anticipated boxing bout on the undercard of KSI vs Joe Fournier.

Wings of Redemption, whose real name is Jordie Jordan, and Boogie2988, whose real name is Steven Williams, will have a combined weight of 800lb when they step into the ring at the OVO Wembley Arena on Saturday night.

Wings of Redemption became famous for his videos of him playing Call of Duty, while Boogie2988 made a name for himself with his comedic sketches portraying the fictional character “Francis”.

The two YouTube stars met for the first time on Thursday afternoon, and it was Wings who set the tone for the press conference by walking to the stage topless. Boogie soon followed suit and removed his t-shirt, revealing the impressive progress he has made after overcoming many obstacles.

Boogie2988 detailed the challenges he had to face to make it to the fight, telling Mirror Fighting that he had undergone gastric bypass surgery six years ago and lost 200lb. He also sought the help of a psychedelic therapist, which helped him realize that the point of life is to have fun.

Despite their size, Wings of Redemption and Boogie2988 are expected to put on an entertaining fight. The match is set to be three rounds, with each round lasting a minute and a half.

Wings, who is over ten years younger than Boogie, appeared to be in better shape despite their gigantic size. However, anything can happen in the ring, and fans are eagerly anticipating what promises to be an exciting undercard match.

 The biggest boxing division in WBC (World Boxing Council) is the heavyweight division. This division consists of boxers who weigh over 200 pounds (90.7 kg). Many of the greatest boxers in history, such as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Lennox Lewis, have competed in this division. The current WBC heavyweight champion is Tyson Fury, who has held the title since February 2020.

The heaviest weight class in the UFC is the heavyweight division, which has a maximum weight limit of 265 pounds (120.2 kg).

The UFC heavyweight division has a maximum weight limit of 265 pounds (120.2 kg) because it is believed that any star weighing more than that would pose a significant safety risk to their opponent. Heavyweights are already some of the most powerful and hardest hitting athletes in combat sports, and allowing them to be even bigger and stronger could result in more serious injuries during bouts.

In addition to safety concerns, the UFC likely wants to maintain a level playing field among stars. Allowing stars to be unlimited in weight could lead to an unfair advantage for larger stars who could potentially use their size and strength to dominate their opponents.