(Video) Incident breaks out at rally for marine involved in subway fatality

A rally held in support of Daniel Penny, the suspect in a subway fatality case, turned chaotic on Wednesday, leading to several arrests. The gathering, organized by Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, drew approximately 60 supporters waving flags to Collect Pond Park around 11 a.m., as reported by the police.

However, the supporters faced opposition from around 30 demonstrators who carried signs demanding “Justice for Jordan Neely” and chanted “Go back to Long Island.”

Blakeman, addressing the supporters, expressed his discontent with the prosecution of Daniel Penny, who faces manslaughter charges for slaying Neely on a Manhattan F train on May 1. He criticized Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, asserting that the situation reflects an ongoing problem within the district.

Blakeman stated, “The prosecution of Daniel Penny is an outrageā€”a miscarriage of justice. This issue has persisted in Manhattan since Alvin Bragg assumed the role of District Attorney. It’s not a problem in Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, or the Bronx. It’s specific to Manhattan and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. Mayor Eric Adams wants a safer city, but this problem persists.”

During the demonstration, several counter-protesters were detained, but the exact number of arrests and charges filed remains unclear as of Wednesday night.

The arrest of Daniel Penny in relation to Neely’s passing has deeply divided the city. Penny’s supporters argue that the 24-year-old intervened to protect fellow commuters from Neely’s behavior, while critics deem Penny’s actions unwarranted and excessive.

The incident, captured in a now-viral video, shows Penny restraining Neely in a submission on the subway car floor until Neely ceases to move. At least two other passengers are seen assisting Penny in restraining Neely. Tragically, Neely never regained consciousness and was subsequently pronounced dead.

Following Penny’s initial release, further investigation by the office of District Attorney Bragg led to an indictment.

In an exclusive interview with The Post last week, Penny asserted that the incident had no racial motivation, stating, “It’s not about race. I am not a white supremacist.”

Penny is scheduled to appear in court on July 17 to address the charges against him.

During the rally, New York City Council member Vickie Paladino (R-Whitestone) expressed her condolences to both parties involved in the fatal encounter, emphasizing the failures of the system. She stated, “It’s a tragic situation for Mr. Neely, who was let down by a system that should have provided him with the necessary mental health services and removed him from the streets. It’s also a sorrowful situation for all New Yorkers who continually suffer from the actions of individuals like Mr. Neely. And it’s a sad reality for Mr. Penny, who took action to protect threatened individuals on that train.”

Paladino urged the system not to fail Penny and called for him to receive a fair trial.

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