(Video) How many cops does it take to subdue a jiu-jitsu black belt?

Jiu-jitsu always makes for an interesting conversation in the self defense context. On one hand it’s frowned upon for its’ guard pulling as a way to initiate a grappling exchange on the other hand it’s much more nuanced then wrestling when it comes to the art of the pin and nuances that immobilize the opposition.

This is why a number of jiu-jitsu athletes offer seminars to law enforcement officers and military personnel. Regardless of how you feel about guard pulling, jiu-jitsu masters limited expenditure of energy and actually enables a person to be very efficient with the resources they have whether it be strength, stamina or something else.

A recent experiment demonstrated this brilliantly.

A black belt by the name of Evandro Nunes ran an experiment in which he resisted two police officers during mock arrest on the mats.

The clip showcases perfectly why jiu-jitsu is such a crucial part of the arsenal for any and all mixed martial artists in addition to any type of real life scenario you might find yourself in.

We can see Evandro holding his own despite being outnumbered. Evandro largely relies on jiu jitsu basics such as shrimping and efficient movement in order to make sure he’s making it out.

Of course, the two gentleman aren’t equipped with anything except their own skills in this demo – and you can quickly see how that backfires. Pretty much as soon as he’s taken to the ground he manages to slide out of crooked back control and to pull the other offcier into closer guard where he can easily control him with just his legs.

Despite being outnumbered he even submits one of the gentlemen therefor sidelining him for he rest of the experiment.

What did you think of the experiment? How would you react if you were in this situation?