(Video) Hilariously bad CGI Dragon steals spotlight at Chilean MMA event

An MMA event in Chile caught the attention of the internet, not for the fights but for a comically low-budget CGI dragon that made an unexpected appearance.

Open Fight LATAM, a relatively small MMA promotion based in Chile, has been known for hosting thrilling matches. Their most recent event took place on October 7 in Santiago de Chile, featuring a lineup of 9 bouts.

While most of the matchups showcased emerging talents and debutants, the main event pitted seasoned athletes Gaston Manzur and Marcéu Pasin from Brazil against each other in a flyweight title showdown, promising an exciting clash.

However, what stood out as peculiar was the event’s opening act: a CGI dragon intended to hype up the audience at home. Regrettably, the CGI dragon’s execution left much to be desired. Sporting a noticeably low resolution and a cartoonish appearance, the brown-colored dragon was seen hovering above the cage just before the first match commenced.

The dragon was thrust into the spotlight for a solid 30 seconds. Its rather amusing presence even prompted the commentators to crack jokes and share a laugh. Not only was the dragon’s quality subpar, with jerky movements, but dragons hold no relevance in the realm of mixed martial arts.

This snippet featuring the CGI dragon quickly went viral on social media. Many viewers found the promotion’s attempt to add excitement to the event absolutely hilarious. Some took a sarcastic tone, pretending they couldn’t discern whether the dragon was genuine or not.

“Is this real?” one fan inquired, to which another playfully responded, “Yes, you can tell by the low resolution.”

“How many medium strikes can the dragon take?” joked another fan.

One fan humorously suggested that the dragon was none other than UFC veteran Paul Felder, who goes by the nickname ‘The Irish Dragon.’ “What’s Paul Felder doing at a regional event in Chile?” they quipped.

Another chimed in, saying, “I don’t know what’s better, the 1990s CGI dragon, the event set up on a futsal court, or the crowd size. I love MMA.”

In a sport known for its intensity and athleticism, the unexpected appearance of a CGI dragon provided an unexpected dose of humor and entertainment for MMA fans worldwide.