(Video) Hasim Rahman Jr posts sparring showing Jake Paul running away and makes his case for why cancellation isn’t his fault

Hasim Rahman released a video that shows Jake Paul running away during a sparring session the two had prior to their heated rivalry.

This weekend’s card between two former sparring partners was scheduled to take place at New York’s renowned Madison Square Garden.

However, a weight dispute between the two led to the cancellation of the entire pay-per-viewevent.

Rahman’s most recent jab comes after he published a previously unreleased sparring video compromising Paul. Both sides have blamed the other for cancellation.

There were concerns about Rahman’s weight from the get go – but considering there was ample time for him to cut there was no reason for concern. As time went by, Rahman first declared inability to make 200lbs so the bout was moved to 205lbs – but he subsequently asked for 215lbs which is quite a departure from Paul’s usual weight category.

In the video, Paul throws a right hand while dodging the counter, but he then seems to bolt.

Rahman posted the video with the caption: “Never in the history of boxing has someone pulled out a week in advance over weight issues.”

“I tried to tell y’all, “he’s a runner he’s a trackstar.”

It happened after Rahman requested a last-minute weigh-in at New York’s renowned Gleason’s boxing gym in an effort to demonstrate his ability to reach 205 pounds.

Of course he failed to make 205lbs – weighing in at 206lbs and change.

And  he added: “Stop being scared Jake.”

“Stop being scared, look I’m right here at 206, clearly I could make 205. Give the people what they want.”

According to Rahman’s original agreement, he was only allowed to rehydrate up to 10 pounds and would have lost 25% of his money for every 1lb he was over.

The American said that he would have taken the punishment if necessary. Rahman said: “I came in a pound over, you signed the contract to fine me 25 per cent, I’ll take the 25 per cent and do the rehydration the next day.”

In fairness to Paul, Rahman posted a 10s snippet so it’s all the more questionable. Rahman Jr likely played his biggest chance for stardom but he tried to take a gamble on the fact that Paul wasn’t willing to let the event fall through initially.