(Video) Gym-goers panic after wild brawl breaks out at Fitness Connection

Gyms have been a scene of a number of physical incidents as of recent.

In the latest example. two males at Fitness Connection were seen brawling for about two minutes in the video, which was released on social media on Wednesday.

The event happened inside one of Fitness Connection’s facilities on Tuesday. Its’ company representative confirmed the incident to Fox News Digital on Friday. She cited member privacy as a reason she refused to provide the facility’s precise location.

After a video of the furious argument showed the guys trading blows before onlookers intervened to break it up, a video of the chaotic incident between two men at a gym went viral on social media.

The two looked to be ducking one other’s blows in the early stages of the bout. Even a spectator’s question, “They’re playing though, right?” can be heard.

When the guy in red finally connects with one of his blows, the other one is knocked to the ground. The altercation immediately became more intense with both males assaulting one another.

The altercation lasted about two minutes until numerous gym-goers intervened to put a stop to it. A lady on the phone can be heard trying to break it up.


Fitness Connection issued a statement saying, “We are aware of an incident that occurred inside one of our locations on November 29, 2022. As always, the health and safety of our members and Teammates is of the utmost importance and Fitness Connection strongly condemns any acts of violence, especially within our facilities.”

It wasn’t immediately known whether the incident was reported to police authorities.