(Video) Gym goers get into a ‘stand and bang’ conflict over a random shove

Many MMA fans are used to tense atmosphere at events. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get once you look your opponent in the eye and those cage doors get locked.

But tension can also surface in benign daily interactions and sour everyone’s mood. This is exactly what CCTV footage captured at a local gym.

Two beefy looking gym goers crossed each other’s paths at a local gym. Sadly, the two didn’t pass each other without incident.

The man in the red shirt was accompanied by a woman. He was walking slightly in front of her when a man in a black set of joggers and a shirt tried to walk past them.

The red shirt refused to realign his shoulder and ended up bumping into the guy in black.

Neither of them were amused at the interaction regardless of how mild it was.

And it quickly escalated from nothing into an all out brawl.

The man in red quickly passed his phone to his companion and confronted the other gym-goer.

After the man in black shoved him, the man in red went ballistic and started punching carelessly disregarding his own safety.

But after landing a couple he miscalculated and got dropped in process. At which point his opponent rained punches from the top.

The woman who was standing by tried to get involved her but was rather timid.

After things further escalated several other male gym goers jumped in to separate the two.

The men were unwilling to deescalate and the whole thing ended up as a group conflict with the men holding onto each other and refusing to let go.

Even more gym goers got involved and several members of security.

They were finally able to separate the two and get them to maintain the distance amongst themselves.