(Video) Gym altercation escalates after man pulls out blade

A peculiar scene took place earlier today in LA Fitness in Kendall. LA Fitness is a typical gym with a number of work out devices however the conflict was a result of a man who had been staring at another gym goers girlfriend.

The man was warned to stop looking at the girlfriend after the situation was deemed alarming by him.

At this point the warned man pulled out a blade and threatened the gym goer and the girlfriend.

On lookers gathered as the armed man seemed to walk forward indicating he was ready for an altercation.

The couple had backed away and tried to de-escalate the situation. The incident was captured on video by one of the onlookers.

Police were quickly called to the scene and had to intervene.

The man was apprehended outside the studio and the police had warned the video maker and his friends to back away.

The boyfriend’s explanation was also captured on camera. He told PD: ‘This creep was looking at my girlfriend’s (behind)’

It’s unclear what charges the older man is facing for his behavior. It’s definitely unorthodox to overreact to such a degree and especially considering he came ‘prepared’ and yielding a blade.

This case highlights something huge that recently transpired in the BJJ community. One of the greatest champions of the sport had his life end following a situation in which he intervened and tried to de-escalate a situation he was provoked in. What he was unaware of was that he wasn’t dealing with an unarmed man.

Situations like these highlight the importance of avoiding problematic situations all together regardless of how we feel about conflict considering that we can never know for sure what we don’t know about the other side and how they would escalate conflict.

Thankfully this particular case was defused before any grave repercussions to either side.