(Video) Guy wins MMA showcase via armbar, announces he is in the country illegally

In a surprising turn of events, Michael Estrada, an MMA up and comer hailing from Quito, Ecuador, secured a remarkable victory against Alessandro Gandolfo, a Pro MMA star from Lima, Peru. The bout took place as part of the FFC 66: Mollinedo vs. Pereyra card.

Both boasted commendable records, with Estrada at 2-0-0 and Gandolfo at 3-1-0. The matchup seemed evenly poised in terms of experience and skill. However, a unique twist lay beneath the surface.

While the Fusion Fighting Championship (FFC) event was hosted in Peru, it was Ecuador that Estrada called home. Ecuadorian passport holders are typically not required to obtain a visa for short-term visits to Peru, with a generous allowance of 180 days. This should have theoretically allowed Estrada to participate in the event without any legal issues.

However, in a post-fight announcement that left many baffled, Estrada revealed his unusual immigration status. He jubilantly declared, “I’m very happy. A lot of sacrifice to come from Ecuador to here. They almost didn’t let me come, I’m here illegally.”

The revelation raised questions about how Estrada, with no apparent visa-related restrictions, could find himself in such a predicament. While the details surrounding his immigration status remain unclear, it’s evident that his determination and commitment to his MMA career pushed him to pursue opportunities despite the odds.

This post fight speech will join MMA history as one of the oddest, right alongside the guy who denounced Hollywood while wearing a leather harness.