(Video) Guy tries jiu jitsu in a bout on Concrete – Lives to regret it

There are many wonderful things about the so called gentle art. The spirit of Brazilian jiu jitsu is meant to enable the weaker opponent to help defend himself against someone who has brute force.

But with the moving away from the art of self defense – and into sport jiu jitsu a lot of core principles got lost.

For one many academies start their rolls on the ground and favor elaborate camera ready moves to the so called basics. It’s gotten so bad that several mainstream shows mocked the art of guard playing openly.

But every now and then a clip comes out that adequately demonstrates why it should be a priority to teach position over submission as well as top guard over bottom guard playing.

This next clip is from the King of the streets promotion. The core premise of the promotion is to demonstrate why practicing mixed martial arts in non sports environments could severely backfire. As such, the so called KOTS stages bouts in a parking lot – with a concrete floor as opposed to the regular canvas. This produces drastically different results from what you would expect to see in a typical sport environment – as one leglocker came to learn.