(Video) Group Scrap interrupted when one of the participants gets stricken by a car

A vicious incident that occurred outside a restaurant is making waves on social media, as a woman was run over by a car during the incident. While incidents are a common occurrence in Hollywood movies, the real-life scuffle that happened outside this venue appears to be far more intense and chaotic.


In a viral video posted to social media, a group of around fifteen people, including ten women, were seen in a conflict with each other as they exited the venue. The tension had seemingly escalated to the point where everyone had found a partner to engage with.


As the groups began to disperse, a blonde woman found herself down to the ground and taking punishment by someone when an individual got into a car and backed up onto her.

Panic erupted as the vehicle hit the unsuspecting girl, and everyone stopped, with one person yelling, “You’re running her over!”

The driver was soon confronted by another on-looker who attempted to confront them but was ultimately restrained. Eventually, the woman who was run over was helped to her feet, and thankfully, everyone seemed to recognize that the situation had gotten out of hand.

Although it’s unclear when and where the incident took place and if anyone sustained severe injuries, the users on social media claim that it happened in Pennsylvania. Since being posted, the clip has gone viral, racking up over 1.3 million views in just one day.

This is just the latest in a series of viral incident s that have taken place recently, including a Taco Bell becoming a battleground, an 8-vs-1 incident at a gas station, and more.