(Video) Shopping Centre Security Guards Forced to break up vicious group conflict

A video of an erratic altercation outside a crowded Westfield has surfaced. The scrap forced security officers from the mall to flee their posts and break it up.

Around 2 pm on Tuesday, an incident involving up to four males was broken up by security officers at a major retail center in Burwood, in Sydney’s inner-west.

A passing motorist’s camera recorded two guys fighting outside the Commonwealth Bank and a local coffee shop, punching and kicking one other. They both fell to the ground and continued to combat others.

One of the guys eventually ended up shirtless. Then two more men joined the brawl, which was in danger of spilling onto Burwood Road’s bustling traffic.

Shocked onlookers watch on in horror as security officers in fluoro vests from the building next door came in to intercede and stop the fight. It is unknown what started the violent altercation.

In order to identify the guys involved, NSW Police are now looking into the event and checking the CCTV.

Group scraps are always fascinating. About a year ago there was a somewhat similar incident when a Dubliner spotted a group conflict happening in the middle of a busy intersection.

While the stereotype suggests that the Irish are mellow and mild-mannered, this video shows that there are exceptions to every rule. The altercation took place in the middle of the street and caused a traffic jam to form, drawing the attention of passersby.

The incident was recorded by a passenger on a light rail, who was unable to move due to the fighting. The video was later uploaded to Reddit with the caption “I just want to go home.” The video begins in the middle of the clash, with several men jumping on a grounded man. From their clothing, it appears that the incident involved a group of construction workers and a group of skaters.

The altercation is quite rabid, with hard punches being landed on the faces of those involved. It is unclear what caused it, though some have speculated that the skaters were attempting to rob the construction workers. What is surprising is that the fight took place in broad daylight, in the middle of the city, yet there were no Gardai present to handle the situation.

Despite the brawl, it is important to remember that this is an isolated incident and not representative of the typical behavior of the Irish people. It is a reminder that violence can occur anywhere and at any time, and it is up to all of us to strive for peaceful conflict resolution in our daily lives.