(Video) Group brawl in Dublin Stuns Spectators

Despite the stereotype, Irish people are well-known to be mellow and mild-mannered. However, not every Irish person is like that as shown in video of a street brawl taking place in Dublin, Ireland. The group’s physical confrontation happened literally in the middle of the street and caused a bit of a traffic jam to boot.

The incident was recorded with a smartphone camera by a light rail passenger who happened to be unable to move thanks to the scuffle. The video was uploaded to Reddit with the caption “I just want to go home”.

The video started during the middle of the clash where a bunch of men are jumping on a grounded man. Judging from their apparel, it seems like the fight involving a group of construction workers and a bunch of skaters.

The fight seems pretty brutal as there are many hard punches landed on their faces. There is still no information regarding what caused the incident that day. Some people assumed that some random guys tried to rob construction workers’ belongings.

Still, It’s kind of odd that the fight happened during the day in the middle of the city, yet there are no Garda at all to handle the situation.