(Video) Grappler’s Leg Audibly Snaps While Attempting Offensive Move

BJJ injuries can be rough to watch sometimes.

A recent video emerged from a nogi BJJ match showcasing just that. In the video, a competitor is seen trying to implement a rubber guard technique to his own detriment.

The technique is implemented poorly. What would have helped the guard player ease the pressure in his own leg was to have his body angling to his left while performing the move, like the way you position yourself to finish a triangle choke from the guard.

Besides the poor technique it’s also worth noting that the Rubber Guard also requires a tremendous amount of flexibility.

And perhaps lacking that flexibility, the competitor’s leg isn’t able to handle the pressure and eventually pops, making everyone in the room grim at the look of pain from the BJJ competitor.

Rubber guard is a technique popularized by Eddie Bravo, the technique consists of getting your leg behind the opponent’s neck and locking it with your opposite arm.

That technique not only is extremely powerful at controlling your opponent’s posture, as it opens up a wide array of attacks like Omoplatas and Triangle Chokes.

However, the technique does require a fair amount of flexibility and leg dexterity.

Here is Eddie Bravo explaining the importance of flexibility as a guard player.

I don’t know about you, but I’m about to add a longer stretching session to my workouts. Take a look at the cringey video below: