(Video) Graphic arm snap mortifies audience at Cage Titans 55

Cage Titans 55 card went live last night and it featured one of the more graphic submissions lately. In the clash between Wayne Downer and Kyle Pavao the ending came after Kyle Pavao latched onto an americana and used it to dislocate Downer’s shoulder and more than likely cause a spiral fracture.

Kimura grip (reverse of the Americana) is a notorious type of position/submission that is banned in wrestling due to how overpowering it is. Kimura grips are notoriously used to counter wrestling however they’re not always wildly successful as evidenced by the time Jessica Andrade slammed Rose Namajunas on her head and effectively finished her due to using this counter.

In this particular case Pavao had the advantage because Downer’s back wasn’t pressed to the mat or the cage so he had everything required to facilitate the tap or rather the break as Downer would have it.

Famous kimura lover Frank Mir broke Antonio Nogueira’s arm using this submission. He recently discussed the submissions with CVV channel.

“Yeah, that one I feel bad about. And I knew that was gonna happen just because, you know, an American versus Brazilian jujitsu was was, you know, even though was Japanese art was really modified to its current state, in Brazil, you know. And when I had them in the kimura, I remember, once I had it slipped to a certain angle, like, Okay, it’s done, I have you, you can see me in the face starting to look for her because I knew he’s not going to tap. So as soon as the referee jumps in, I can let go of pressure.”

“If you get hurt by me, that’s because you don’t protect yourself and the referee didn’t get in there. I’m not trying to get an extra. I’ve never been that guy that, you know, if the referee grabs me, I keep twisting. I think that’s wrong. I think that look, we’re both martial artists.”

“as far as wanting to shred his arm, I didn’t want to I was hoping that this dislocated at the elbow when it did finally pop. And then you even see later when I stood up and I was doing the interview like I’m kind of looking over at him and the fact that they’re bracing his arm I was like, Well, s**t, it’s just a dislocated elbow, like what’s going on? Maybe dislocate the shoulder. And then I never in my wildest dreams imagined the Camorra, the hammerlock could have destroyed his humerus that way, and it was spiral fractured and you know, the put it back together with you know, ”

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was forced to have 16 screws in broken arm.

“Mr. Nogueira suffered a complex fracture to his humerus,” Dr. Tom R. Hackett wrote on the Nogueira brothers’ blog (Nogueirabrothers.com.br). “The fracture began in the middle of the bone and extended to the elbow region. Unfortunately, the radial nerve [one of the main nerves lending a feeling of power to the hands] was damaged. The nerve is located in the area of the fracture, and the bone compressed it. Before the operation, he had very little strength in his hand and no strength whatsoever in his thumb.

“The operation involved an incision behind the arm. The nerve was removed from the location of the fracture and treated. The fracture was fixed with a plate and 16 screws, and now, less than 12 hours post-op, his hand functions are returning and the bone is mending.”

Mir also broke the arm of Tim Sylvia with an armbar:

” I was holding on. Because I locked up the armbar, he actually slipped his elbow out.”

“And when he fell down, that forward pressure would basically throw him into a triangle. So it’s a move I’ve done in practice many times, especially in jujitsu. So as I’m doing that, all of a sudden, his arm just gives loose, I just feel pop up up, and it opens. So I’m like, Oh, I don’t know what I have. But I have something and it’s being destroyed. So let me keep driving my hips forward. So I just kept driving forward until Herb Dean came in and told me to stop”